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Name:Veissk Sanghel
Species: Trandoshan

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Panxenosexual, but with a definite preference for human males

Height: 2.13 meters/7 feet

Build: Big. Very muscular. Trandoshans are already strong but she works out almost obsessively to be even stronger. As a female, she does have surplus fat (for egg production) at the hips and chest, which gives her a slightly softer, more rounded and feminine look.

Scale Color: Ashy grey with patches and mottling of darker grey and black. Almost looks like a lunar surface. Chest and belly are white.

Eye Color: Blue

Occupation: Rebel flight mechanic

Homeworld: Corellia

Languages: Basic, Dosh and Old Corellian

Clothing: Standard Alliance mechanic coveralls, most of the time

Skills: If it flies, she can fix it. If it doesn't fly, she can probably make it fly. She's a fair pilot herself; only her size has kept her out of the cockpit of a snubfighter. Very skilled in hand-to-hand combat and hunting. Also surprisingly good at stealth for a seven foot lizard woman built like a linebacker--she's occasionally assisted Alliance Intelligence in missions unrelated to mechanics.

Weaknesses: Veissk is cold-blooded. She wears modified clothing that helps offset the chilly temperatures of most bases and ships, but if she's exposed to extreme cold for too long, she will enter a state of torpor, first acting drunk and sluggish, progressing to loss of consciousness and eventual death if she isn't moved to a source of heat. Also, She has no skill in cooking whatsoever, and attempting to do so usually just winds up with her destroying some major appliance or other in a frustrated rage. ‘Veissk, put the stove down’ has been heard on more than one occasion when it’s been her turn for kitchen duty. Left to her own devices, she will most likely eat her meal raw and unprepared.

Likes: Pilots, piloting, mechanics, snubfighters, horranths, Trandoshan flatcakes, hunting, hand-to-hand combat, the Rebel Alliance, sabacc, Corellian whiskey, caf, ryshcate (just don't ask her to make one), exercise, lizard dancing, cheesy/trashy holovids

Dislikes: The Empire, most other Trandoshans--seriously why the kriff are you allying yourself with xenophobic murderous Imp scum, politics/politicians, cold, people who interrupt her when she's working, mornings, pilots who won't stay the kriff away from their fighters while she's trying to fix them

Personality Veissk was raised by humans on Corellia, so she prefers the company of humans and more humanoid aliens as opposed to her own kind. Beware, however: Veissk's default mode is grumpy bordering on violent, and she's turned using a hydrospanner as a weapon into a practical art. When she doesn't just use her fists. Or claws.

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